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In 2020 The Government banned Gym, Pub, Music, and Therapy Sessions wrecking many people's heads, businesses and lives. Then they introduced medical apartheid allowing only people that showed a silly QR code to have semi-normal seshes further wrecking people's heads.

This website is to support those suffering due to a lack of sessions. Many people now hate mainstream media, feel isolated/anxious, and generally need help after everything. We hope to be of some help.

Here you will find mental health and self-help tools, alternative news sources, a directory of businesses to support, privacy and communication tools, and more.

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Pubs & Restaurants

Directory of some of the Irish Pubs, Restaurants, and Cafes that didn't act as Covid-Police. Support them.

News & Views

Lists of alternative news and views websites, groups, channels from Ireland and around the world.

Mental Health Tools

Some helpful tools and resources for Mental Health and Life after Lockdowns.

Privacy & Security

Lists of privacy and security tools for mobiles and computers compiled by security experts.

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